Dog and Cat Food

We supply high quality, all-natural raw food for Dogs and Cats, with No Preservatives or Additives


You might have a much-loved pet, a working or pig dog, boarding and breeding kennels, whelping bitches, puppies, cats and kittens, they will just love our products.

Important Note: Please call for a current price list and weights as they may vary from week to week and the web site may be out of date.

Nosloc products premises meet NZ Food Safety packing and storage standards. All products blast frozen for 4 days to  -22© degrees in MPI accredited premises.

Approximate carton sizes:  570 x 350 x 180

Payment on collection or if you are a Corporation, 7 day invoice terms apply

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Venison / Lamb Trachea

Carton is cut into approximately 1kg blocks. Low fat Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Price: $157.00


70% Premium Chicken Mince, 30% Hoki. Cut into approx 1kg blocks

Price: $152.00
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Lamb Trachea / Salmon Mix

80% Lamb Trachea, 20% Salmon Lamb Trachea is a good source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joints. Salmon for Omega 3. Low Fat – Approx. 10%. Minced through a 5mm Plate. Cut into approx. 1kg blocks.

Price: $149.00

Premium Beef Rolls

90% Lean Beef, 10% Beef/Heart Minced through an 8mm plate. Single Tubes are available

Price: $134.00

Green Tripe Minced Tubes

1.8kg Tube Roll. 10 rolls per carton. Single rolls are available.

Price: $129.00
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Multi Rolls

50% Lamb and Beef, 50% Offal. 18kg Carton, 10 Rolls per carton. Single Rolls available

Price: $110.00

Lamb/Beef Rolls Minced.

Lamb, Beef and crushed lamb bones. Lamb/Beef Mix, crushed lamb bone. Minced through an 8mm plate.

Price: $85.00

Chicken Necks

Cut into approx 1kg blocks.

Price: $57.00
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Pork Hearts

Pork hearts layered

Price: $52.50

Beef Mince - Tongue Cheek and Heart

Frozen and cut into approx 1kg blocks. Great for whelping bitches and puppies. Cats love this product. Tongue/Cheek/Heart is minced through a 10mm plate.

Price: $157.00

Beef Supreme

Contains 45% Beef/heart, 45% Premium Chicken, 5% Ovine Tripe, 5% Beef Kidney. Frozen and cut into approx. 1kg blocks. Beef Supreme is minced through a 5mm plate.

Price: $146.00

Lamb Brisket

Full Brisket, hand sized pieces – Free Flow

Price: $119.00
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Veal Brisket

Veal Brisket by the carton, which is a seasonal product. Veal is a soft bone for dogs to chew.

Price: $6.00

Beef Brisket

Trimmed – good bone and some meat content

Price: $59.00

Horse Brisket

Trimmed – good bone and some meat content Horse brisket is good for dogs with allergies to other meats. Note this is a seasonal product and is subject to availability..

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